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    The White Tee: A Fashion Statement that Never Goes Out of Style

    There are a few wardrobe necessities that no woman should live without; a classic blazer, a pair of tailored black pants, a black or neutral colored cocktail dress, and the basic white tee shirt. Though dress lengths can change from season to season and pants can go from wide-legged and flowy to pencil shaped, the white tee shirt always stands the test of time along with the forever evolving fashion trends.

    A Brief History of the White Tee

    The jersey crewneck tee is the most classic fabric and shape, and was standard military issue for soldiers during the second World War. Of course the soldiers never thought to wear the white tee as a fashion staple, to them it was merely a piece of underwear, comfortable and cool underneath heavy uniforms and armour. Jersey fabric was not considered chic enough for clothing designers and manufacturers during the 1910s, so it took the white tee quite a few decades before its transformation into an acceptable piece of outerwear.